Bunch of anniversaries, lol, thanks for reminding LinkedIn

Ok I have crossed another year last year I have  crossed my 50 (in august) and now I am trying to make a living i the 2016. LinkedIn helped me to remind me there have been some work anniversary for me this month, and so I receive a lot of congratulations, which I really appreciated. I usually do not stop to think about those anniversary, but receiving all those message make me think on what I am doing. So basically I receive anniversary wishes for my blogs, my activity as a trainer, journalistwriter and for my current Job. let’s talk a bit about my…

The Visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is driving me crazy

We live in an open interconnected world, travelling haven’t been easier than ever but if you travel a lot for job, as I have to do, well you find out that there is something that can really drive you crazy: the VISA on your passport. The visa, is everything but the sign for an open world. It is a way to put barrier at our borders and controls who can get in and out, but sometimes it is interesting to find how VISA can be difficult to be managed… language barrier, cultural barrier and sometimes organizational issues can make your…

Happy Birthday to me: 50 years old

And yes tomorrow I will turn 50, and start my second half of one hundred years. Let say I do not feel any different, actually it is since the beginning of this year I say I am 50 (just exercising lol). So what can I say: Happy Birthday to me!   Related posts: Diary of an acquisition part2 Looks good it’s good Yummy come iniziare la mattina Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

After a few days in Shenzhen

OK time sto say something about my first days here in Shenzhen. I passed a whole week now and I have a better vision. I have to admit I like this place, people is kind and the work environment here in Huawei is great. The Hotel room is not the most luxurious (I’m at Elite Garden Hotel) but the overall impression is really positive, clean and good service, outside there is a lot of trees and it is a pleasure to walk around. Services like gym, swimming pool, areas to play basketball (not for me of course)…everything looks great. Then the…

(ISC) 2 conference in Rome

OK still on the train writing with my tablet. Funny talking about byod and then realizing once       again how deep it is nested in our life even if we do not realize it yet. Well let’s say today have been an hard day, but I have survived somehow.  Still I do not have understood why the guy has started shouting during my speech,  with such a strong insistence.  At the second slide he started, at the end I could not make a full presentation because of him, sorry for that. I will make amend writing an article on my blog…

Diary of an acquisition part2

Chapter two: fairy tales Everything were so wonderful…. Once upon a time there was a company 🙂 … Ok don’t keep it wrong, it was not a fairy tale, livin in a startup is not always so good, but every startup share some specific characteristics: Nowhere to hide…. We use to know one with the other… We know our targets and there was not a way to hide. That means basically that everyone is committed to success. Rules do not have to be so strong, if the target is the common goal. This is common for everyone, from manager to…

ise training day 3

Posture posture and posture 🙂 interesting but long labs Related articles Ise Training day 2 ( ISE basic installation and configuration. Part 2 ( ISE basic installation and configuration. Part 1 ( Open a file in PowerShell ISE via cmdlet – Version 3 Update ( Proliferation of “Bring Your Own Device” ( Related posts: Ise Training day 2 (ISC) 2 conference in Rome come iniziare la mattina After a few days in Shenzhen Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

come iniziare la mattina

che dire, ho iniziato la giornata stamattina con lo scarico delle acque nere bloccato, ho dovuto intervenire manualmente, se la giornata inizia cosi cosa chiedere di più? 🙂   Related posts: (ISC) 2 conference in Rome Looks good it’s good Yummy After a few days in Shenzhen Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

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