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Privacy Shield just born already dead

The new move coming form the other side of the Ocean (and yes I mean USA) is aligned with Mr. Trump approach to international agreements. After Paris climate agreement Donald Trump presidency is shining again in its confrontation with old europe. The target now is the Privacy Shield Agreement, the agreement that has been reached between USA and EU in order to protect the privacy of EU citizen whose data are collected by USA company. It should not comes out as a surprise, historically the to side of the ocean have had a deep different approach to personal data protection….

It is time for research to think about security and privacy

We usually talk about cyber security and privacy related to the world of industry and personal, but today I would make some points related to research in universities. how much security aware are universities? This is an interesting topics, looking at the statistics on cyber security attacks I would say security and privacy awareness is not at the first point in their needs. So bad … well first of all let’s make a little distinction: engineering vs the rest it is out of doubt that engineering universities and research are more cyber security savvy than the rest. Some of them…

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