2015 is Here!!!!!

Finally we are at the beginning of a new year, time for hope, time for proposals, time for planning new experiences.

So what are mine?

2015 proposals

1) I will work

We can say whatever we want, but the truth is that job is a gift those days. The terrible economic crisis of those years leaved a lot of people without a job, people with strong skills and experience have been fired and some have been replaced with younger and not so expensive (but less experienced) people. HP, Cisco, Microsoft a lot of people have been kicked out so have a job and working is a really good resolution.

2) I will loose weight

Come on, who I am kidding? I make this proposal 3 or 4 times every year. And the result is that I still have a little overweight 🙂

3) I will not comment the next Sony Hack

There are a few things in life that does not change; one is the news about a new hack against Sony. Seems that Sony has become a sort of playground for hackers and luckily every time we discover sweet and juicy details on how security should not be implemented…. again who I am kidding, I will comment it again and again, and I will not make any discount because they usually show terrible security practices.

4) I will respect Italian politicians

:)) No Way, I would love to do so but they make this impossible. I mean we started the year with a couple of scandals, a few rumors. Guys we have had one the very first day in Rome, please!!!!

5) I will love and cherish my family

This is the easy part, I love my wife and my daughter and all the rest of my big family all over the world, hoping for all of us a wonderful 2015

6) I will be a better friend

This is hard, I’m a lazy terrible pal. I have to start meeting with friend more often, please guys forgive me and next time I will do my best to be a better friend.

7) I will turn to music

Not only my guitars are there hanging on the wall covered in dust, but also the software for composing (windows and linux), not to mention I still have to teach my daughter to play guitar.

8) I will read and write more

This is something we should all do: reading is fun, reading is learning, reading is … and after reading why not writing? I have my blogs and social networks, so reading and writing should become a good habit

9) I will study a new language

well may be I should study a bit the ones I already claim to know, but come on a proposal should be ambitious!





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