World Dictionary New Words and Meaning: Communist

An image to express love for communism.
An image to express love for communism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– They’re “Communists“. –

This is a common way to express a feeling against someone. Communist and communism have lost the original meaning to be used, nowadays, as a synonymous of

“Bad Guy that is against Freedom, Truth, Democracy, Life, God and everything holy and so, as a matter of fact, terrorist, killer and all the worse”

After the end of the so-called “cold War” and the downfall of the former USSR what is left is just an abused and empty word “communism” still used as a propaganda flag to show the “enemy” in a general way.

If you’re against me so you’re “communist”, so it happen to watch television or read internet comments and finding out that we have communism everywhere in the world, opposite party, Obama administration, protesters in Ferguson MO, Putin, the Sunnis insurgents in Iraq of the self-proclaimed Islāmic Caliphate, the Hamas movement and so on.

At least this is what I found out reading comments on news and pictures coming from Social networks as LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter.

I suspect that there are also people saying that the actual roman catholic pope “Francesco” (read here) (read here) and some cardinals as Desmond Tutu ( that have expressed some political or social comments on the actual world situation are communists.

But “communist” is widely used also locally in europe to address the political counterpart.

Beside the “Obama administration” communist reference, so loved by the so-called “Tea Party” guys and gals and the local declinations due to internal political propaganda the most of the communist are the non-western counterparts of the world.

It’s really an amusing way to define people, and could not be more far from the real meaning of the word “communist”. But probably we should get used to a completely new meaning of the most world used words that have a little or nothing to do with the previous or native meaning.

It’s amazing, just say the magic word “communist” and you do not have to explain anything else, you just found the bad and the guilty, no more proof of evidences are required.

Well may be someone still remember the real meaning of the word





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