Different points of view

I just asked a simply question today on some social networks: when did ideologies and religious myths have overridden historical and fact analysis? There are plenty of ideological discussion masked as analysis of what is happening in the world today. It seems that rationality has lost the right to be present when people is talking about serious facts as war, riots and similar events. I know that going out of our comfort zone is not nice, but ignoring, misrepresent or partly use facts, history and evidences it is not the best way to solve situations. not here, not in Ferguson, not in Israel or anywhere. Being ideologically blinded would not help. Here you are two simple but interesting examples of what I am talking about. The first is an observation coming from the far right news and entertainment channel known as Fox News. This ultra right (almost tea party) broadcaster is well-known to represent the reality in an “ideological” way and not to have big problem to liberally describe events just to prove a political point: fox - 1   On the other hand here you are a slightly different point of view of what is happening in St. Louis and Ferguson.  Let’s say that a slightly suspect that lately there is a use of brute force that could be excessive is quite underlined in the following image:fox2 and of course it is easy to say, come on the german drunk guy was white… There are always different choices: it’s up on us to take a decision and deal with the consequences of our actions. If we leave ideological discussion to football or baseball may be we could use a more rational effort in the truly important things like, just as an example, life and death.

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