A neverending chain of Hate

Today has been dedicated to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, dedicated because for some reasons I received some messages on the subject and I read some thread that made me think about this sad war.

The first thing come to my attention has been a thread on twitter related to this pic. Is just me that I am naïve or there is something wrong with this Facebook page?


This disgusting page comes from Facebook, those are the comments after that Israel artillery shot and killed some children in Palestine. There is no right that can justify such comments, they are disgusting for their very nature, they’re simply telling that not all human is worth to live.

The thing looks to me pure barbarity by itself.

This is not being pro or against Israel, not being pro or against Palestine. Both have reasons, both made mistakes, both hands are red by innocent blood.

Both are simply not looking at ending this endless war.

But this is a conflict that is based also on words and there are some very disturbing moments in this war that hurt me.

The very idea that a civilized and modern country, a “democratic” one allow the use of hate speech and use lousy propaganda make me feel like nothing has changed in the last 1000 years.

wafa-al-bassJust to be clear I will state here that I have No doubt Hamas agenda is to destroy Israel, this agenda is related more to keep power and misconceived religion believes than real care of the Palestinian population. But honestly I do not expect Hamas to be democratic and civil in our western terms, and this is a very bad thing.

The way Hamas is conducting the war is clear, using people  to commit suicide, weapon, rocket and explosives targeting directly civilians, without any kind of respect or consideration.

Leveraging the holy war flag, the jihad, they’re simply moving the bar to a point where there would be other chances but the annihilation of the enemy. Hiding between the population is part of the very essence of the group, they want to be considered leader inside the population not an external source.

The way Hamas talk about Israel is quite self-explanatory, no doubt that we cannot trust Hamas as a partner for peace, see thi link http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/24375/Default.aspx

At the same time it is quite clear that there is no agenda for peace also in the other part, political speeches, comment like the ones before, and videos like this one make clear the point:


the so-called 10 misconception named in the video are one of the “finest” propaganda video I’ve ever seen. Just let represent reality in a slightly different way and, voilà, here you are the good one against the ugly guy. Those are not the basis for a peace, I strongly doubt that something good could come from a lie and this is a great example. Anyone with a minimum knowledge of history and facts would argue that this is no more than a ridiculous way to present Israel as a holy people who did everything possible to make peace.

The truth is quite different, and facts are far more complex. So if the history of how Israel got the land is just “simplified” other points are questionable as the comment on economic situation (partially true but would be good to discuss the part Israel played in blocking economic development of a Palestinian territory) or Palestinian children are feed with hate against Israel in a way that seems that hate is only from one side.

The truth is that  Israeli rhetoric against Palestine and Arab (But I should add Muslim and, generally speaking, the gentile which is everyone that is not a believer) is equally hard and brutal then the Arab’s:eli-ben

Just take a look also at this article:






The sad conclusion that comes out is, sadly, that neither part want to stop this war because, at the end, both are gaining visibility, power and the justification of their existence one from the other.

Turning the question into a religious war allow both parties to be way more effective in feeding this never-ending conflict.

And using the propaganda from both sides allow to justify acts and words that would have been considered “barbarian” in other contexts.

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