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We have to face the truth, Swiss guys do not want us. The last consultation clearly demonstrate that pressure against immigration is not only a problem in EU, but seems to be a virus spreading all over Europe. Even a country with quite a 0 unemployed rate that is in needs of workers from abroad think that closing border to the foreigners is the best way to protect its own interests.

It is strange thinking that a little country like Switzerland can make such a thing to great countries like Germany or France, but for once may be we’re experiencing what means to be rejected. Has to be said that we’re not talking about illegal immigration, but about the amount of legit workers that go to Switzerland every year.

Funny enough this has been applauded to far right party all over Europe, and the anti-European movements (or so-called euro-skeptics) like being reject is somehow a thing to be proud of.

Do we really endanger Switzerland with our presence? Or, may be, is a mounting feeling of fear and irrational hate that tend to project to someone else the responsibility of all problems?

In Canton Ticino quite stunning was the vote against strangers, and stranger mainly means Italians. While the biggest rate of immigrants for the whole country comes from France, the vote passed mostly because of the vote of the Swiss Italian language speakers. “Yes” won in Canton Ticino with 68.2% with an interesting  57.1% participation rate (compared with the respective 50.3%  and 55.8% the difference is quite impressive).

Beside the modifications to EU-Switzerland relationships that this vote will cause I think Italians should start to reflect on bilateral relationship with Switzerland and start to wonder why our neighborhood perception is so bad about us.

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