Look what I found

While digging some pictures for my website i found a few old certifications of mine, the old MCP one, the MCT MCSE that state since 1996, even the Cisco Ironport Certification (I used to be a trainer) and the old ASE and ACT compaq certification. Geez I feel so old.

in the same dig i were trying to find pictures of my previous job activities but I’m afraid I were not able to find anything. But at least I found a few old business card, I have never been a huge fan of Business Cards so it was quite a surprise to have found still some.

and some logos of the place where I worked or that have been customers of mine. So sad some of them does not exist anymore or changed completely but may be someone remember the Siosistemi logo or the Mondadori Informatica Ones, or the original Azlan logo.

time to go to sleep



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