I’ve updated my website ierano.it

After a long while I have updated my website www.ierano.it 

The update is quite heavy, I’ve added and expanded my personal section with my past work experiences, and my skills.

My work experience

I have also added a section that i called Ring of Value where i putting the name and a link (just one per person) of the people I have had the pleasure to work with and I respect more.

Since I asked permission the list is still a work in progress till the people answer to me, but i think is a god way to pay my respect to serious and capable professional and great managers.

Last but not least I added a section related to my company IERANO ANTONIO, and the services i deliver to the broader community and i added also my new company logo:


It is actually my wife family emblem but I thought would have been a way to pay my respect to this part of my family that is supporting me in those hard times.

Hope you enjoy the site, i would love feedbacks.




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