Good Bye Madiba

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela (Photo credit: Festival Karsh Ottawa)



Sad news yesterday night when I listen you passed away. We ought you a lot. Nelson Mandela has been not only a symbol, but a living example of how man should be.


A hero, yes, mostly because he gave his life to a cause: all men need to be judged by their actions not their color. I’m sure we’re millions now we write about his death, as we were millions waiting to know what where happening when he was in the hospital.




Madiba you’ve been a Giant among Men, also compared to the righteous ones, so in this age of darkness where we are surrounded by useless politicians, minions, soulless rulers, administrators without faith, moral and ethics your light will be missed even more. Your example will be needed even more.




Some will cry the man, someone will cry the hero, and someone will just fake because your example cannot be compared with their inner believes and actions.




Rest in peace Madiba, and thanks for all you gave us, forgive us for not be able to follow your steps, we do not have your strength, your courage, your rectitude




We will miss you, I will miss you. today the world looks a little darker, but may be a new star will shine above us.


































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