Looking for a new career opportunity

Dear All,

As you may know I’m looking for a new career opportunity.

Many of you knows me because we have been working together in Europe or USA in one of my previous work experiences, including Cisco, Ironport, Symantec, BrightMail, Mondadori Informatica and so on, or met in conferences and events.

With over 16 years of experience in the leadership of IT product development, project management, marketing, and representation and as a reputable and renowned contributor to the tech industry particularly within the security community, I think I have often provided outstanding results and proved my soft and technical skills, but the situation now force me to ask for support.


If you know of any position I could be right for I would really appreciate if you could share it with me, I would prefer an EMEA position (would allowed me to move from home to work without relocate) but anything could fit my skills would be appreciated.

Thank you for your support and wish you all the best



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