FW SPAM: From The Ceo.Malik Ali Deputy Director.

Here again my spam message review, please if you receive something similar be cautious! But if you get the million dollars I will appreciate a donation J, lol.

From: Ceo Malik Ali [mailto:ceoali@voila.fr]
Sent: Friday 19 July 2013 12:16
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: From The Ceo.Malik Ali Deputy Director.

Compliment of the Season,

I Know That This Mail Will Come To You as a Surprise As We Never Meet Before Request for Urgent Transfer Of The Sum Of Nine Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars {Us $9,300,000.00} Only, Into Your Account.

I Am The Deputy Director Of Finance, Foreign Payment Approval Dept. Of West African Monetary Control Board (Wamcb). North-West Regional Office.Burkina Faso. My Office
Oversee All Developmental Projects Financed By The Economic Community Of West African States (Ecowas). Within This Zone (Burkina Faso,Benin,Cape Verde,Gambia,Ghana,Guinea,Guinea-Bissau,Ivory Coast,Liberia,Mali,Niger,Nigeria,Senegal,Sierra Leone.Togo ).With Reference To An Introduction And Recommendation Of You By A Friend Who Works In The Burkina Faso Chambers Of Commerce And Industry, I Do Hereby; Wish To Commence Talk With You On A Highly Confidential Level. After Due

Consultations, I Have Decided To Contact You In Order To Arrange For A Possible Transfer Of The Sum Of Nine Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (Us$9.300.000.00) Into Your Account. This Money Is A Subject Of An Over Inflated Sum Acquired From Contracts Awarded By My Agency In The Past Years.The Original Contractors Have However, Been Paid And All Projects Executed By Then Commissioned. This Over Inflated Amount Can Not Be Withdrawn Locally From The Paying Bank Because The Contractors Concerned Are Foreign Firms. As A Matter Of Trust, Honesty And Secrecy,I Have Decided To Contact You As To Assist Me Provide An Account For This Transaction If You Have Accepted To Assist And Fully Participate In This Transaction, Kindly Furnish Me With The Necessary Information Such As

Your Full Name…………………………………?

Your Sex………………………………………….?

Your Age………………………………………….?

Your Country…………………………………….?

Your Occupation And City……………………?

Your Personal Mobile/ Fax N°……………….?

With This Information Provided, The Said Sum Will Be Transfer To Your Account Without Difficulties The Terms Of Sharing The Money After A Successful Transfer Will Be Discuss As You Indicate Your Interest In Assisting To Transfer This Money. Immediately All These Information Gets To Me, I Will Then Present Every Document To The Paying Bank And The Copy Will Be Send To You For Verification And Record Purposes. Be Rest Assured With My Connections, Everything Will Be Through Within A Short Time. After Many Years Of Meticulous Services To The Government And People Of Our Sub Region I Would Not Want My Image To Be Dented.

Therefore I Expect You To Handle This Transaction With Utmost Maturity By Keeping Everything Secret. I Can Assure You That If My Instructions Are Carefully Adhered To, There Will Not Be Any Hitch Through Out The Transaction, There Is No Risk On Your Side, Because I Have Perfected The Deal Very Well Over Years. After The Transfer, We Will Be Coming Over To Your Country For Further Sharing And Possible Investments.

I’m waiting to Read from You Urgently through the Electronic Mail Address

Ceo.Malik Ali.

Antonio Ieranò
CSO, Cyber Security Architect, technical evangelist, consultant, writer, journalist and trainer
I am a Security Manager and architect, CSO, BDM, marketing specialist, and tech evangelist with over 20 years of experience serving as a community liaison, subject matter expert, and high-profile trainer for key technologies and solutions. My experience includes acting as the public face of Huawei technology and before Cisco security technologies; leading pan-European technical teams in development of new Cisco security products; and serving as a key public speaker and trainer on behalf of new high-tech products. My expertise spans IT development and implementation, marketing strategy, legal issues, and budget / financial management.

Specialties and Executive Expertise
IT Strategy, Technical Audits, Enterprise Architecture & Applications, Technical Sales Liaison, Solution Architecture, Network Design, Architecture, & Security, Vulnerability Assessment & Management, Systems Engineering, Data Privacy, Cloud Computing, Marketing Strategy, Budget Management, Social Media Marketing, High-Impact Presentations,incident handling, Forensics, Italian companies, Authentication, Infrastructure security, Security manager, Security issues, Attacks, Security infrastructure, Data encryption

Security and Technical Advisoring
Project Management
Business Development and Marketing

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