The unemployed mood

Today is not really an happy day.

Although I’m fighting to find reason for a good mood is not always easy to smile when you’re still fighting to find a job, the economic situation is not nice and perspective are even worse.

What can  a 47 guy looking  for a position do?

They say that if this not kills you make you stronger, wish it is the truth but there are days where you feel as you live in the wrong world. I spent a lot of my life trying to be one of the best in what I do, and apparently at the end I’m paying this effort. I’m too technical and at the same time too evangelist or marketing…I can agree on the fact I’m too bald 🙂

The most depressing is when you seek for a feedback and the tells you that, your capabilities are impressive but do not fit our needs. I already complained about the fact that in the Job seeking receive feedback is almost the most difficult thing to achieve, but when you seek and receive a “sorry no” well, makes you feel a little dumb. I mean I’m so stupid that I ask for that answer…

Is a rollercoaster, mood went high and low, and you feel between guilty and worried. What I’ve do wrong, what I could have done better?

Luckily I’ve found some ways to still fight, so my collaboration with (ISC)2 makes me feel as a living member of the Security Community, and I honestly have to say thanks to many guys that makes me feel better. I don’t know you but I always perceived the job as a never ending training, learning and teaching activity. Sharing experience makes me feel better, that’s why even in sthi situation I’m still writing articles, delivering speeches and webminar.

Funny enough seems those activities does not qualify me as an IT expert since I’m still searching SLOL (= Sad LOL). But as I told before today is not a good one and everything looks a little darker.

I know, probably I should not share those thoughts on the net, but what can I do I always used the Open Door approach so I like to tell what I think and I like people tell me what they think, so at the end writing is a way to fight for the good mood back somehow. Better fight than surrender, also because Surrender to what?

I will still look for, nor that I have other chances he he.

Meanwhile I will run once again the CV sending tour (funny I’ve received answer basically only from not Italian HH, that makes me think, as a first impression, that my skill-set is not required in my country).

I will keep posting and sharing knowledge

And I will continue to fight against the annoying flies and mosquitoes here in Pavia. besides if anyone know a good repellent against fly and mosquito I will appreciate the sharing of information.

I have to admit that what concur to the bad mood is also the political and economical situation in Italy. While a lot of people struggle to survive and we’re in desperate needs of resources our parliament approved 13 billion euros to buy some F35. I can understand that this is something that would improve our army, but I still consider this as an act of irresponsibility. Even it were on the defence budget, already planned and so on (this is what I heard on news when politician defended their choice) I still think that a temporary shifting of this budget from air force to Italian would not have been so bad.

We will probably have a better army but I’m not sure that this will protect our country better than an injection on our economy. for example we could have closed the IMU saga and probably blocked the IVA rise. And the other resources could have been used for lowering taxes or paying public debts that are killing our enterprises.

Honestly I still think that our parliament did a really bad choice, and even if improved our air-force makes our country weaker.

And what about the Kazakistan saga? it’s almost ridiculous. we, once again, showed the world our worse face, making evident how we can actually act as the worst joke on Italians. nobody know, nobody understand, we acted in a way that still seems a “gift to a rich friend” made by someone using government agencies without caring to respect laws, ethics, morals imperatives and political and image consequences for the country.

And I’m sure that sending 40 people armed to capture a dangerous 6 years baby and his mother has been an act of courage, but if just 13 of the witness reported comment on the action is true we should be ashamed to have those people in our police forces.

Last but not least the Calderoli statement against the minister Kyenge. Come on like we don’t know mr Calderoli  eloquium and the lega communications language. I respect more Calderoli that personally apologized to the minister and in public that many other statements coming form his party member.  that tried to defend what was not defensible.

And about the fact he did not resigned, well at the moment the only one that resigned for a claimed error was Josefa Idem that made mistakes in the tax declaration, paid it late and resigned. We should be ashamed of her, what would happen if people in our parliament and government would apply the same metric? we would remain with a few dozen of people…. SLOL


but again today I’m in a bad mood so forgive me

Long Life and Prosperity


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Map of the languages and dialects spoken in Italy. The map is merely an approximation of the real status, since it can’t be more precise for size and compactness of the informations presented. :It can be easily modified through a vector image editing program, I can suggest Inkscape because it is a free and a very good one. :For minor variations, feel free to do it by yourself. For major variations, please send a message to my talk page. Thank you. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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