(ISC) 2 conference in Rome

OK still on the train writing with my tablet. Funny talking about byod and then realizing once       again how deep it is nested in our life even if we do not realize it yet.
Well let’s say today have been an hard day, but I have survived somehow.  Still I do not have understood why the guy has started shouting during my speech,  with such a strong insistence.  At the second slide he started, at the end I could not make a full presentation because of him, sorry for that. I will make amend writing an article on my blog on the subject trying to explain what I haven’t be able to explain. On the other end I have had the pleasure to meet people and being recognized…and I must admit that when a couple of my linkedin contacts introduced themselves to me I were really pleased, at the end trying to share my little knowledge is appreciated by someone. We will se what will be next. After mobile I have a couple of plan on forensic, after the article I wrote for hackin9. A speech and another article but for my blog for sure, but also a webconference for (ISC) 2 wondering if they will acccept this contribute.

The train is running fast on the railroad, can’t wait to be home, still I have to reach milano and then take another train to Pavia…first headed north then south again, like life connections never took the straight way so we’ll see where it will lead in the future.

Ps: I miss working and still looking for a position but when I provide those event’s speeches I feel alive. So thank you unknown guy who made noise during my speech, you gave me another thing to remember and some funny anecdotes to use in the future.

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