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Beppe Grillo
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Ok, the question is “what is a internet democracy?” no the question is “who cares!!!???!!!”
Seems to see The Muppet Show when our poiticians talk about Beppe Grillo and its %star movement.

but actually the question is not so naive. Listening to this morning news review something pick my attention, not the usual fight of grillo againstthe world or the world against grillo, but a news about a comment deleted form Grillo’s Blog. It seems, accorting to “Il Corriere della Sera” that a comment against the latest Grillo statements has been deleted from his blog even if it was recieving a loto of “likes”.

This would be a very curious move from someone that claims to dream an “Internet direct democracy“, where people can express ideas directly. The whole idea of this movement start from this point, and they actually made something incredible in the italian history, they used internet to move a incredibly 25% of preferences at the last elections.
But is Grillo really trying to control the comment on his blog to avoid any different voice?
well could always tell that it was something written by someone working for the PDL or the PD but in any case this is a precedent that should make us wonder, who is checking the checker?

Lately Beppe is talking more like a pope than like a “primus inter pares” making his voice the only allowed voice of his movement. this does not means that he is wrong nor that he is right, just as a matter of fact, he consider himself as the ONLY voice of the 5 star movement. not really a direct democracy…

but may be it’s only a communication strategy with a clear plan in mind, may be we should ask ourself: “the question is What is his plan” or “the question is who cares”

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