Things always gonna change :)

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There are times when things changes even if you were not planning it. This is what happened to me lately, things does not go alwaysas planned   but just happened.

I were not planning to have a tumor in my right arm this year (see related post if interested) and I were not planning big changes but…

I’m no more in Cisco, and i have to honestly say that it brigs me a lot of mixed feeling. I have met great people there, starting form my adventure in Ironport with the crazy gang: First Domenico and Patrice, then Angelo and Daniele … what a time and so fun 🙂 and what the other crazy people from the rest of europe? I’ll miss all of them, but Alberto and Armando will have a special place as friends :).

We made things rolling. I cannot forget the Latin american connection with Jose (a Mexican in Canada) and Dario (a tech guy that embraced the dark side, sales) exchanging jokes and silliness.

Then comes Cisco and it was a hard trip, exciting form many point of view.

I met impressive people like Marcello, Marco,  Armando, Luciana, Mauro and so many more, I’ve been blessed working in a great group with a great manager (thanks Colin) and a great group.

The human part of my Cisco experience has been great and fulfilling, and i honestly will miss a lot of people. But as I say things change, and Cisco direction does not match anymore with my target. I did all i could, but is time to move on, can’t fight against my own company so better not to ask to a giant to see a fly point of view 😛

Now that I’m again “free” (sound better than other expression, I will recollect my ideas and dedicate a little more time to consultancy, and my blogs and then see what this world has still to offer to a security guy.




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