ISE basic installation and configuration. Part 2

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When something can go wrong it will, at the end our friend Murphy was right. So I passed the day to to solve a weird problem, and I have to thanks a couple of colleagues of mine that were able to sort out what was wrong.

By the way at the end I survived the effort and after a whole day of troubleshooting I just reinstalled the appliance from scratch Sorriso and everything worked.

The Web Interface


Now we can go on and see what we can do.

open a supported browser and go to:

http://<IP address or host name>/admin/

once we have installed the appliance we can finally log I to the web interface that looks like this:


enter the credentials you have created to login.

the interface is quite clean and clear:


with a dashboard reporting the main index and with menu on the top that refers to the various function and operations you can perform on ISE.



on the right upper part there is the Task Navigator that show some standard “wizard style” task to perform.



Task Navigators do not retain information about the tasks you have completed. It is a visual
guide that takes you directly to the user interface screens where you perform its related tasks.

the tasks are:

• Setup—Perform the first part of the Cisco ISE setup process.
• Profiling—Profile endpoints.
• Basic User Authorization—Establish basic user authorization.
Client Provisioning and Posture—Configure client provisioning and posture.
• Basic Guest Authorization—Establish basic guest authorization.
• Advanced User Authorization—Establish user authorization, along with client provisioning and posture.
• Advanced Guest Authorization—Establish guest authorization, along with client provisioning and posture.

ok it’s late and my arm hurts like hell so I will continue in the next post Sorriso

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