Ise Training day 2

Ok my turn to talk today:  We talked about one of the most interesting features of ISE, profiling.

Worth to explain a little what profiling is, and what discovery and classification means. it is a very useful and powerful engine but it needs to be understood, also on what it means and why should be used.

other great new, finally  ise 1.1 is available on CCO, worth the upgrade absolutely.

new stuffs:

– Support for IOS Sensor for advanced features and remote profiling on the switch.
– Active scan with NMAP.
– A new portal guest type Device Registration webauth (DRW) to allow guests to self-classify their equipment more immediate.
– Authentication of administrators by AD, LDAP, or RSA SecurID.
– Support of Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) for validating client certificates as an alternative to CRLs.
– Improved management of access lists based on Security Group Tag (SGT) for full integration with the philosophy TrustSec.
– Internationalization automatic captive portal for guests according to the language of the browser.

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