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Here I am, finally after the long Xmas vacation ()

I know you all missed me, and with you all I mean my several disturbed personalities, because at the end everyone write for itself and all the strange people living inside its head …

So a new year has started and this is not a year like the others one,it is the last one for humanity, according to Mayan prophecy.

So now we are not sure if the end will come in form of earthquakes, giant volcanoes erupting the mother earth rage against us, the mysterious planet X that is going to collide with us, some comet that change the route, flood, tsunami, magnetic pole inversion or all together, what we know is just we can clearly see the sign:

Berlusconi resign, the AAA rating is every day more far away for a lot of countries, the “costa Concordia” captain behavior, my bank account is near to “0” ….

what can we do to face all this? how we will manage this ending year?

here some suggestions:

First: well first of all I would kindly appreciate if anyone believing in those Mayan prophecies that is going to face the end of the world would kindly send me some money, at the end what they need it for?

Second; finally it’s the time to make a decent network instead of the doubts and budget constrains, who will be there next year to blame you? Nobody, do for once in your life do what you would always dreamed to do: switch to IPv6, change the switches and routers, put extra storage, embrace tablet and smarthphone and free download from Uporn

Third; finally try to tell your boss that is a damn moron and you deserve that wage rise, and without you everything would had gone to shit long time ago

Fourth: go with your wife (or mistress ) to do that damn vacation you always dreamed for and never had done because you haven’t had enough money

Fifth: buy that bike

Sixth: ask your bank for some (lot of ) money, don’t worry you will not be there when they will ask money back (you know the world can end but banks will survive).

Seventh: Do something crazy like pay your taxes, or act honestly

Eighth: vote for the one you really believe in, and not because you like the party (ok means probably you do not vote at all, )

Ninth: try to play a little more with your children, go the hell that meeting

Tenth: Watch every documentary on History, Discovery, BBC and so on about the billions ways hearth will, could, have been destroyed in any prophecy

And try to live your life as it would be the only you have, live your days as they were the last of your life and, most of all, send me some money .

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