Halloween is back :)


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Well last year I have had the pleasure to show our personal graveyard

last year work can be found in this my old post:

 Halloween is quite here- how we made our personal graveyard

This year we made some improvements to the structure and I would like to share them with you


so here what we have done :

We started from last year work (you can see it in this picture, and we just simply improved the concept (at least we hope this is what it looks like )




So basically we thought that a good graveyard would need some more graves, this was our first intent. Luckily the ones we made last year were still working so we didn’t have had to start from scratch. then we added some character, a death drinking a beer after hanging a skeleton (you know everyone deserve a break ).

Then added some spiders and spider webs here and there, a few bones on the ground, the usual stuffs.

But we thought to decorate also the gates with some tiny lovely skulls.

Ok I have to admit that not all the neighborhoods appreciate the work, here in Italy just a few use to decorate home for halloween but, come on, is a great moment to have some fun, isn’t it?

And Here I’ve posted the result, hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed to build this up. Isn’t it Lovely? I mean as you can see we added a new character with our ol’friend the skeleton

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