Good Bye Steve

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Is a sad moment for every tech fan.

Steve Jobs has design a big part of our world, with his vision and genius gave us tablets, smartphones, computer animation movies and so much things we today consider normal or simply cool.

He was nor a Saint or an Angel, but for sure a genius with an incredible talent to foresee and create the future.

We will miss his arrogance, because was the arrogance of someone who knows how to create the future.

He made us dream with his ideas, his talent and his strength.

Now we can only remember him and learn from his lessons: dare is never wrong.

I’ve never been an Apple fan (but a Pixar one for sure), I have windows and linux laptops at home, but I must say that is because of Steve if I have my android tablet and my blackberry smartphone, he design a path that everyone followed. This is genius, being able to understand people and give an expression to their desires.

He was one of the greatest actor of this comedy we call life, and I thank him.

Rest in Peace Steve, may the gods of Technology take you with them, you owned that seat.


Steve Jobs 1955-2011


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