Wikipedia Hides Italian Language Edition to Protest New Law

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Wikipedia Hides Italian Language Edition to Protest New Law
By John Ribeiro, IDG News Wikipedia said it was hiding the Italian edition of the online encyclopedia to protest against a proposed new rule in the country, that will require websites to publish corrections within 48 hours of content being found

Ok when we will see the end of the tunnel? Italy is well known for an inefficient political class, but what many does not know is how good they’re to put barrier against free speech and, generally spaking, the intenet.

It is not just this new law temptative, that would put in severe danger every Italian blogger, but a general consensus in all the political class and most of the imprenditorial one that internet and new technologies are a useless luxury. at the end also the “digital divide”is not perceived as an issue, and when there are activities to make people aware of it (thing at “agenda digitale” project) it is blamed by the same politics that should try to help this country to be more modern and enter into this century.

It is not a week where the “confindustria” organization forgot to mention technology as one of the pillar to rebuilt competitiveness to this poor country. It seems that the ones that drive this country are not found of technology, they dislike it look with suspect it.  the only good thing is that usually legislation on technical subject is done by people who does not know anything about technology itself and so, at the end, the law will be forgot because controls will be unavailable from a technical point of view. Is this bad? is this good?

I can only say that this will leave us all in a grey area where the understanding of a subject and the technical implication will be the key to have, or not, problems. Again we’ll have to fight for the internet here, the new fight of a long long series.

we’ll see



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