Forensic Software Tools

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Forensic Software Tools

This post summarizes the features and advantages of a large number of software forensics tools. For detailed information and technical reports it is always best to view the vendor Web sites as well as organizations that conduct technical reviews and evaluations such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The Computer Forensic Tools Testing project (CFTT) web site contains additional valuable information:

The information presented in this chapter is heavily based on the assertions of the various vendors who make the products listed in the chapter. Much of the information has been taken from the vendors product sheets. The Computer Forensic Tools Testing project is a good source of comparative data when deciding between these vendors.

Some of the tools I plan to discuss in my future posts are:

  • Visual TimeAnalyzer

  • X-Ways Forensics

  • Evidor

  • DriveSpy

  • Ontrack

Stay tuned to know more about these 🙂

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