A.I. Talking Points–Security Week Review

Is not easy to make a summon of what happened in this crazy market every week. Not because there are not enough arguments to explore but, in effect, because there are too much.
So let try to find a way to summarize what I’ve found relevant.

Mobile security isn’t just for geeks

Although many still does not think about mobile security as a real problem in nowadays business, people should try to think better at the actual landscape. 
Let’s focus on some main points that also this week have been clearly exposed by news: mobile means a lot of different things smartphones, phones, tablets, laptop and other weird devices.
And security means to protect data, communications, privacy and confidentiality.
So what we have had here is the exposure of private data taken from hacked communication devices. As for the case of Scarlett Johansson or for the Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World hacking scandal there is a common line: those devices must to be protected, and anyone is at risk of exposure.
Of course other risks comes out related to the explosion of malware in modern devices, so the old threats that used to be related with PC are now transferred to “any device, anywhere” so Be careful when searching Heidi Klum online .
Financial malware is one of the best pieces, it can run on your device while you do our home banking and have your data steeled…

Big banks and Companies are in trouble, hack is waiting out there (…do they realize this?)

From “bitcoin” to “fireeye” malware is spreading, and even Stuxnet and Zeus are coming back. Report says that cyber criminal activities costs billion to our suffering economy, but targets are widely underestimating risks, approach to security is still based on a traditional approach that not take in count the different landscape. But evidences shows us that everything changed those last years.  Just to make it clear should the last hacking to defense companies all over the world (think of Mitsubishi one just to name one of the latest) and the consequences as Diginotar bankruptcy make our mind clear?

Four kind of guys with the same weapons

Cyberterrorims, Cyberwarfare, Cyber Activism and Cyber criminality are 4 aspect of the same medal (but…how many faces they have?)
People with different skills, target and motivation seems to act accordingly. the truth is that they just use the same weapons and sometimes they have the same target but with very different reasons. Different reasons means also different practices, so while cyber activists choose “political” targets , cyber terrorists (or patriots depend the side you’re on, think of Comodo hacker who claims hacked Diginotar) follow a different agenda. But being target of different groups with different needs should make us think about what we have to protect in a different way.  Change the rules would be a better way to play

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