Anonymous vs BART (Simpson?) part2

Still I read a lot on Anonymous hacking group, even that they threaten children or declare war against UK for expenditure cuts, also Strauss khan seems to be threatened by Anonymous.

Reading news seems that they’re an unstoppable force of nature…
I left my thoughts last time on why internet and why now, and why  they’re so (in)famous.
So about the first point: why internet? 
If they’re a unstructured movement is natural that they choose, grow and move onto the media that makes communication most easier.
The relatively growing of importance of social media, messenger and other communication systems made very easy recruitment and association on the met.
We saw tons of example in our recent history, think about the spontaneous protest that have strike country with despotic government, but also the recent riots in UK where social network apparently played a major role into spreading voices (it’s a viral marketing technique at the end, sin’t it?)
Another aspect of internet is that it’s quite easy to make a lot of damage with a relatively low technical knowledge. I’m not saying that into the anonymous galaxy there are not real hackers, but mostly looks act and attack like script kiddies. alas on the internet security is still far away to be a solid reality, and most of the site and service that offer service are not design and protected (think about the Sony hacking affair).
We should also consider that we knows what happen only after the hacks, this means that could have been several try before a successful hack. And if the number of attacker grows it amplify the chance to obtain a result.
The second questions is why now?
Well this is the time of the internet, where media amplify every thing happened, and sometimes with a little dramatization instead of a serious analysis 🙂
So the great exposition, the easy of communication and aggregation, the poor status of security and the relatively anonymity that internet offer makes this time the perfect time for anonymous like activities.
The question so is how we manage something like this?
to be continued…
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