Anonymous vs BART (Simpson?)

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) logoImage via WikipediaOK the latest are that group anonymous is attacking BART system in San Francisco. It’s a very funny target from my point of view, probably because thinking of an hacking attack to our Italian subway system would be ridiculous. Just because nobody would notice it of course 🙂

But the last Anonymous attack make me wonder what is really anonymous, and similar group like lulzsec or web-ninja and so on.

Are those a real groups? And what are the reasons behind their moves? Do they really have a defined  agenda? and a boss or a hierarchy?

Usually press and police try to consider those groups as organized crime or terrorist.  so we can read news on a new hacking group leader arrested, and even if this could sound a good info the truth is that those act does not stop, “ou contraire”, they rise up.

Like the Hydra once you cut a head other two grown up? Or this is a highly structured and efficient organization, able to act and replace the troops with military precision?

Alas I do not think they’re right. Considering the way they act and the target they choose it looks more like social networking environment.

It looks like more as an unstructured group, leader does not means boss, and links and groups does not identify a hierarchy. If we do not put this in mind we will have a few chance to understand this phenomena. With this in mind it’s easier to understand the aggregation model of those groups, underground culture, acktivism, emulation are all drivers. Of course in such environment is quite easy to have criminal infiltration and manipulation but those are not the main drivers.

A diffuse sense of eager for justice is the main vector, also a sense of revenge against official institutions. If we analyze the first targets, big corporations, police enforcement agencies, governments who are fighting civil rights looks like we have a sort of new “68”.

But why now and why internet? There are several good reason that are joining all together.

I will talk about this next time 🙂

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