PostOffice: Mobile users and security (Update)

PostOffice: “Mobile users and security (Update)
we finally have also the abstract and the agenda of the Clusit training that Alessio Pennasilico and I will held.

here you are(check clusit website for registration and location)

At first was the computer on the desktop. The, a day the modem comes home, and VPN and then laptop computers. And desktops were changed by laptops, and then mobile phones and we started to use them as modems, exchange mails, then arrived wap browsing, and after that the full browser ones, and complex web applications and smarthphones, tablets…”

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Antonio Ieranò
CSO, Cyber Security Architect, technical evangelist, consultant, writer, journalist and trainer
I am a Security Manager and architect, CSO, BDM, marketing specialist, and tech evangelist with over 20 years of experience serving as a community liaison, subject matter expert, and high-profile trainer for key technologies and solutions. My experience includes acting as the public face of Huawei technology and before Cisco security technologies; leading pan-European technical teams in development of new Cisco security products; and serving as a key public speaker and trainer on behalf of new high-tech products. My expertise spans IT development and implementation, marketing strategy, legal issues, and budget / financial management.

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IT Strategy, Technical Audits, Enterprise Architecture & Applications, Technical Sales Liaison, Solution Architecture, Network Design, Architecture, & Security, Vulnerability Assessment & Management, Systems Engineering, Data Privacy, Cloud Computing, Marketing Strategy, Budget Management, Social Media Marketing, High-Impact Presentations,incident handling, Forensics, Italian companies, Authentication, Infrastructure security, Security manager, Security issues, Attacks, Security infrastructure, Data encryption

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