Mobile users and security

I have the pleasure to announce that I will co-teach with Alessio Pennasico  a new clusit training about mobile security.
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Mobile users are a big reality in nowadays corporate networks. New devices with browsing capability are introduced by vendor every day, from the new smartphones (android or iPhone) from the tablet (the many android tablets, apple Ipad, rim Playbook and Microsoft windows 7 tablets), to new cloud os as Google chrome OS IT managers need to face a completely new set of requirement to secure network and users operation in such a fragmented and complex environment.
To secure such an environment we should rethink security process changing the way we create process, policies, manage updates, deal with new applications and so on.
This is a whole new world and full of interesting challenges. 
The seminars will be delivered in Milan the 2262011 and in Rome the 7/7/2011.
If you’re interested in clusit events you can click here:

Quale sicurezza per l’utente mobile?
Gio 7/07/2011
4 ore

Quale sicurezza per l’utente mobile?
Mer 22/06/2011
4 ore
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