Talking Points–Security week review

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Talking Points

Security week review

First of all sorry for the late publishing, but as some of you could have noticed the blogger platform experienced a failure this Friday that hold also to some post and comment being lost. so it s not only Amazon cloud service that fails .
Speaking of failure the PSN affair is still on the news, the network is still experiencing problems, and some security analysts says they’re still far away from providing a decent level of security. I’m afraid this is not the end of the story. we’ll see more news on this I’m pretty sure, and more hack to report.
well what happened this week?

A 8.5 billion VoIP bill

Who told you that VoIP is cheap? I know someone who’s VoIP phone bill has been a bit expensive this week .yes yes yes Microsoft won on the rush line against Facebook and Google and acquired Skype. Incredible, but Ballmer tried something new and added to the Microsoft family a multiplatform viop software appreciated everywhere.
what will Microsoft do with Skype? we’ll see, the technology is interesting for several aspect, but also the amount of users that Skype reach could be an interesting gift .
we can imagine advertising, increasing the slow an constant growing of Bing, a better integration of Skype VoIP technology with messenger, a new enterprise messaging platform able to serve also video and voice on multiple devices… lot of possibility we’ll se what happen.

The biggest growing business

The android malware,with  400% increase YoY, is the absolute best performer in the security industry. This is an amazing success, pity is not done by the good guys . but why this is happening? Come on an android phone is a great thing! it’s cheap, it’s fun, you can even work with it…is a smashing hit.
Just not sure you can still use it to phone people, but the rest is done in a great way! mobile users don’t be sad if you do not have an android one, blackberry and apple devices are anyway targeted by malware authors so be happy nobody is left alone here!

The king is dead, hail to the king

So at the end also Google Chrome browser has been hacked. And as every story we have claim of hacking, deny no proof or evidence… well we cannot expect that it would be invulnerable it is not even a mac (ok ok this is a bit of sarcasm).
but nowadays nobody can live without a good web security solution, nothing is invulnerable, and quite everything can be targeted (see below).

Java is great, multiplatform, web oriented and malware friendly

just to make clear the point below reports and news stated that there is a whole new generation of malware java based that is targeting multiplatform devices,mac windows and all the rest. I told you a lot of times that the problem is not more the OS but the application environment that lead to infection due to bugs, bad software writing, security silliness and so on.

A new kid in town

but application, and web application needs to run over different platforms, OS and devices, so we need to welcome a new kid in town, this week we have seen the official debut of the new OS: chrome OS is here, so Google is targeting mobile users with android and chrome, who will be the winner? (i.e. will chrome survive to android expansion?).
But if you want a laptop that is build to work just on cloud and internet chrome is a great example, see our future there.

Cisco again

at interopt cisco made a lot of rumors with the new offering on security and cloud services, and the ISRg2 integration with scansafe is a clear indication of what the new devices have to be integrated in nowadays networks.
and don’t forget the new cisco security report
I am aware that there have been a lot of other interesting things but time and space won’t allow me to write more, so take a look at the articles published in the blog to have complete view.
have a great time and thanks for following

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